Friday, January 10, 2014

The Other Wise Man (Part One)

There once was a young boy who worked in a very large house. The house was grand, and beautiful, and people from all over came to admire the home in which the 3 wise kings lived. Diligo, the servant boy, knew little of the kings, other than that they were always in the tower working very hard, searching the sky for something. Diligo was often the watchman at night, he would fetch water, and food at the request of the wise men late into the evening, and often early into the morning. Working at this time of day was exhausting for Diligo, who was just reaching the tender age of 11, but he knew that the wise men needed him, so he pressed on, often peeling his eyes open at the earliest hours of the morning to grant a certain request.

Days, weeks and months passed slowly it seemed as Diligo stayed up night after night serving the kings as they searched, until one night, the oldest kings came and sat beside him.
"Dear boy," he began, "you work so hard, and you never complain, you must be so tired."
Diligo looked up in confusion,'why is he talking with me in such a way?' he thought.
King Sanctimonia spoke again, "would you like to know what we do at this time of evening?" Diligo quickly smiled and nodded his head, so the king took him up the stairs to the tower where the other two kings sat, charting the stars. Diligo marveled at the maps, and the tools that were strewn across the room. There were fine glass figurines that graced the tables, and crystals that reached taller than he could reach on his tip toes. Never had a servant been allowed in this room til now, and Diligo wondered, 'why would the king bring me here?'